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Gambling Guide

A guide giving advice on how to bet and gamble online. This is not intended to be considered as incouraging or advising anyone to bet and you should only gamble what you can afford to lose.

Click here to open or download our PDF of tables outlining the number of different bets which make up common bet types and the number of permutations of bets for up to 12 selections.

We also have our Forecast and Tricast Permutation table which is available for download or to open by clicking here.

What follows is a brief guide to betting and descriptions of a number of different bet types. This is provided for information purposes only.

The Basics:

A single win bet:

This is one selection in one match or race, for example £1 win on Chelsea to beat Arsenal or £5 on Hedgehunter to win the Grand National. Odds will be given in either fraction or decimal form; the latter of which usually includes the stake while the former does not. So if your selection wins at 3/1 you will win 3 times your stake, plus you'll get your stake back. So £10 at 4/1 will mean you will receive £50, including your original £10 stake money. £5 at odds of 4.2 will return you £21 including your stake. To receive any return your selection will need to win.

An Each Way bet:

An Each Way bet consists of two parts: a Win bet and a Place bet. Each part is an equal stake, i.e. £5 EW will cost a total of £10. When you are placing this type of bet you are betting on your selection to either Win or be Placed within the payout terms.

If your selection wins the whole of your stake is used to calculate your winnings, but if your selection is placed i.e. comes 2nd, then the place part only of your stake is used to calculate your winnings at the place terms i.e. 1/5 1st 3 places and the Win part of your stake is lost.

Prices and Odds:

Some types of bets, particularly football and some sports bets, will be at fixed odds, meaning that you can place a bet and the odds will stay the same. For betting on horse and dog racing, the odds will change as bets are placed on a race. As more money is staked on certain entrants, their price will fall or "shorten" and this will result in the odds of others lengthening or "drifting". If you do not opt to take the price at the time when placing your bet, you will receive the Starting Price. The Starting Price is the price that the Horse or Dog returns at and will only be confirmed after the official weigh in.

Doubles, Trebles and more:

In order to increase your potential returns you an place Double bets, Trebles and accumulators. For these types of bets to return winnings, all of your selections need to win. So for example, if you were to place a £1 treble on Red Rum at 3/1, Shergar at 5/2 and Best Mate at 5/1 and they were all victorious you would receive:

£1 @ 3/1 = £4
£ 4 @ 5/2 = £14
£ 14 @ 5/1 = £84

However, if one of the 3 were to only come second you would win nothing.

Combination Bets and Perms:

There is a way that you can bet on multiple selections without needing them all to win to receive a return. By "perming" your selection you can select how many winners you require to receive a return. The number of permutations for each number of selections up to 12 can be found by opening or downloading our handy table which can be located here. Also found on the same PDF is a table outlining the number of different bets which make up each of the following common bet types:

Trixie: 3 Selections, 4 bets, you need at least 2 winners to receive a return.
Patent: 3 Selections, 7 bets, you need at least 1 winner to receive a return.
4 Selections, 11 bets, you need at least 2 winners to receive a return.
Lucky 15: 4 Selections, 15 bets, you need at least 1 winner to receive a return.
Canadian or Super Yankee: 5 Selections, 26 bets, you need at least 2 winners to receive a return.
Lucky 31: 5 Selections, 31 bets, you need at least 1 winner to receive a return.
Heinz: 6 Selections, 57 bets, you need at least 2 winners to receive a return.
Lucky 63: 6 Selections, 63 bets, you need at least 1 winner to receive a return.
Super Heinz: 7 Selections, 120 bets, you need at least 2 winners to receive a return.
Goliath: 8 Selections, 247 bets, you need at least 2 winners to receive a return.

For more details on the number of bets, please see our downloadable PDF which can be found here.

Forecasts and Tricasts:

Rather than just betting on who you think you will win, you can also bet on who you think will come first AND second, or first, second AND third in the case of a Tricast. For our permutations guide for Forecasts and Tricasts click here.

A Forecast:

A Straight Forecast is the predition of first and second in the correct order and is one bet. A Reverse Forecast is first and second in either order (number 4 1st then number 7 OR number 7 1st and then number 4). See the table on our PDF here for permutations and the number of bets for Forecast and Reverse Forecast doubles.

A Tricast:

A straight Tricast is one bet which predicts the first three selections home in a race. A combination Tricast is 6 bets which cover 3 selections to come in any order in the first 3 (ABC, ACB, BAC, BCA, CAB, CBA). For more details of perms for Combination Tricasts see the table which can be found here.

Football Betting:

Betting on football is relatively self-explanatory. However, one thing worth noting is that Home teams are often referred to with a "1", Away teams with a "2" and the draw as "X". There are a number of football bets which are also worthy of further explanation:

Correct Score:

You can bet on what the fulltime score will be for most domestic, European and major International matches. This is the score after 90 minutes, meaning that if the match goes to extra time or penalties, these will not count.


Another popular bet is to predit who will be winning at halftime and then at fulltime. The best odds are obviously for bets where one team is winning at halftime and the other by fulltime. These bets are usually shown as: X1 (draw at halftime, home team win at fulltime) 12 (Home team at h/t and away team winning at f/t) or 2X (Away team winning at h/t and a draw as the final result)


A Scorecast is where you predict the correct final score (after 90 minutes) and the first goalscorer. You will find that the odds will be slightly less than a straight double on the first scorer and correct score. For example, if the first goalscorer odds are 3/1 and the correct score 6/1, you might expect to receive odds of 27/1. In fact, the odds will more likely be around 18/1. The reason for this is that if your selected player scores first it means that the other team can't win 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, etc and so the reduction in odds reflects that this double is a "related bet" - meaning that the result of one half of the double will have an effect on the other half.


A selection of other worthwhile snippets of gambling information.

Banker Bets:

When perming your selections you can set certain ones as "banker" bets if you think that one will definately win. Example: You are betting on Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs and Man Utd all to win this weekend. You have decided not to do a 4-fold accumulator in case one loses. You could do 4 trebles and a 4-fold which would be 5 bets or a Yankee (6 doubles, 4 trebles and a 4-fold) which is 11 eleven bets. Instead you could decide that if you think Chelsea will definitely win, you will make them a "banker". It means that Chelsea will need to win, then you can just perm the other 3 selections (as a Trixie or Patent) - the advantage being that there will be less permutations.

Non Runners:

In general, if your selection is classified as a non-runner, you should receive your stake money back. If the selection was part of a double, the whole stake will be applied to the other selection and this will become a single. If it was part of a treble, this will beome a double. Also, if you had placed a Scorecast bet (see above) and the First Goalscorer you had selected hadn't started the match and hadn't come on by the time the first goal was scored, then the bet would become a single on the Correct match score.


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